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Fun Food Illusions for LED Display in Beijing

In collaboration with Radugadesign, we were commissioned to develop a novel 3D food experience for the Wangfujing public screen in Beijing. The objective was to create a mind-blowing, 3D illusion that could be experienced by people in the street.

Featuring diverse materials, colors, and scents, this interactive creative work is dedicated to national cuisine culture. The idea is to use 3D illusory technology to drive people’s appetite in the streets.


Supervisor: Kirill Pyrev
Motion designer: Kirill Pyrev, Artem Redko, Egor Solosin

Сreative director: Ivan Nefedkin, Ksenia Bonum
Concepts: Sergey Voronov
Producer: Alexander Filyagin
Account manager: Vyacheslav Zaplatin
Art director: Artur Zhamaletdinov
Video case study: Zhu Rui, Tim Ng